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Hello! And welcome to Bridging the Gap! We want to give ALL students a helping hand into engineering. Maybe you’re reading this because you have an initial interest or maybe you just want to know more – the fact you’re here is already an amazing step – and we’re going to offer you genuine insight as young engineers further down the line.

Not sure what engineering really is? Wondering whether you can be an engineer? Unsure about how to gain experience? Our articles and content will guide you on your path as you dip your toes into the broad world of engineering.

Our motive is clear: we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity and confidence to pursue a career they love. Whether this is engineering, STEM, or something else entirely, there should be no barriers to young people of all backgrounds.

Improving the representation of a certain group within engineering will never be achieved solely by the efforts of that particular group. We must all work together. For example, we need male champions of change to see progress for women in engineering.  This is why we’re Bridging the Gap.

So who are we?

Kate realized she wanted to study engineering when she met a lady who was a rocket scientist – what a cool job title! Although she hasn't pursued a career in the space sector, she has discovered a passion for aerodynamics and a love for Formula 1.  Now in the final year of an Aerospace Engineering degree at the University of Bristol, Kate has also completed an internship with Renault Formula 1 team. She can't wait to be back working in Formula 1 come the summer, this time as an aerodynamicist for Racing Point. Working in Formula 1 is extremely rewarding, and Kate can't wait to share the experience of her year with Renault in a later blog post. She is also particularly passionate about increasing the gender diversity within engineering as she feels so lucky to have got there herself.

Patrick is now a final year Engineering Design student, but started the journey aged 15 when a teacher nominated him for an engineering scheme. Through that he picked up a first industrial experience at a design consultancy, before spending over a year working for Safran Seats UK design and analysing first class aircraft seating. Now, his sights are set entirely on a career in composite materials after a dynamic, lab-based summer at the National Composites Centre. Patrick has been grateful for all the influences who have helped get him to this point, particularly his GCSE Design teacher who went above and beyond his role. State schools can be a lottery, especially in certain towns and cities, and through Bridging the Gap hopefully a difference can be made


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